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Finding The Meaning of Life

In a person's lifetime, there are many opportunities to grow, and attain "self actualization," a term coined famously by Abraham Maslow, in his theory called the Hierarchy of Needs. Essentially, a person seeks to find the meaning of life, maximizing their growth potential to experience an ideal lifestyle. However, how can one truly know what the "ideal lifestyle" truly is if there is no blueprint to pattern after? Is there such a blueprint? In the Creationist Worldview, which documents the creation of the universe and the world we live in six days. We are introduced to the Supreme Being, Almighty God "Yahweh," the Creator of "Heaven and Earth, the stars, all living creatures, and mankind. The Holy Bible documents the entire Creation Account in Genesis 1-3 , as well of how the story of all life forms unfold throughout all sixty-six books, from Genesis to Revelations. Among the Holy Scriptures, we also find lessons and word of wisdom to help mankind grow spiritually and ultimately find the true meaning of life in the Book of Proverbs.

The Meaning of Life:

An post on says it perfectly:

So, the meaning of life is to acknowledge its origin through the supernatural handy work of our Creator out of love, and to learn how to fellowship with God our Creator and one another. By reverencing God and obeying his commands we fulfill our calling and need to exist. There is no need to look anywhere else, feel lost, or depleted because we are wholesome and complete in God, for everything was created for us. Hence, we...Read More

April the 25th

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