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Five days vacation

Screenshot from 2018-10-26 20-21-41I’ve been a little more under the weather than usual these last two weeks. Bad health, insomnia, a lot of stuff to do, stories to write, trying to pay the bills.
The usual stuff.
But right now is Friday night, October the 26th.
There’s a payment on its way to my bank.
I have submitted four short stories in this month, to four different projects.
I’m 1500 words away from closing a novelette.
So here’s what I will do now…

I’ll brew me some tea and nail the novelette shut.
I’ll revise it and send it to the editor by midnight.
Then I’ll turn all my systems off, and spend the next two days reading a good book and cleaning house.
On Monday, I’ll see some friends that are coming to stay for a few days.
On Tuesday, I’ll go to my bank, check the payment arrived and cash in a cheque I received in the post – for the heady sum of 15 euro – and then I’ll see my friends again. I’ll make sure I have my camera with me.
I might spend those 15 euro on chocolate.
I might take a few walks, especially should it rain.
And this will be my life until the first of November.


On the First of November, I’ll start my run again. I’ve got two courses coming up, and a few stories to write.
But as soon as my novelette is finished tonight, I’ll be on vacation for five days.

Posts have been scheduled, so you’ll keep finding my ramblings here on Karavansara. But I’ll be taking a break.
Have a nice weekend, ladies and gentlemen.

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