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#FREE for this weekend only! Flawed, Blaze of Glory Book 2 by Author @CherryShephard



Flawed (Blaze of Glory #2) 
By Cherry Shephard

 From the very first chapter, Cherry Shephard crushed my heart and soul. I’m not one for tears, but I bawled my flipping eyes out the entire book. Keets pain and inner turmoil shredded me so deeply that I haven’t been able to read a single book since finishing Flawed. He’s damaged beyond repair and those who have faced the turmoil of his horror filled memories of a lifelong gone will relate to his inner monologue and thoughts.
~ Saints and Sinners Books

This one completely and utterly floored me.
~ Roses & Violets Book Reviews

History dictates that as a race, as a species we should never be allowed to forget the horror that man has the capacity to inflict on his fellow man and in our lifetime there have been many such occasions, none more devastating that the events of 9/11.
But while the impact of the events of that day will never completely be laid to rest for the majority of us, we were merely touched by the scenes that unfolded, horrified by the pictures but detached from the events in as much as they were happening to someone else, somewhere else…but what is that wasn’t the case, what if fate had written you and yours into the annuls of history, what if you survived that tragedy but the one you loved, your reason for breathing didn’t, could you go one, would you even try?
~ Books Laid Bare


“Damien!” Liz screams in my ear.
“It’s okay, baby, hold on!” I yell, grabbing a support beam as the windows in the lobby blow inwards. I stare in horror as the South Tower seems to implode and comes tumbling toward the ground, spraying a pile of debris through the shattered windows.
“Oh, my God!” Liz screams, and my thoughts echo her fear. But after the storm comes the calm, and all is still as people slowly get to their feet, covered in dust as they cry helplessly. The entire South Tower is gone, decimated in a fraction of a second, reduced to nothing more than a pile of rubble.
“Are you okay?” I ask Liz, straightening myself and starting up the stairs. It’s slow work as a stampede of civilians come running down, anxious to get the fuck out of here before this tower falls. And it will, I know that now.

“Keets!” I turn as the lieutenant grabs my arm and yanks me forcefully back down the stairs. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m going up,” I answer, wrenching my arm away from him. “I have to get up there. Liz is—”

“I’m afraid that’s a negative,” he says, shaking his head. “Orders are to evacuate the area immediately.” 
“Evacuate?” I question, not quite sure I’ve heard him correctly. “You mean, leave these people to die?” 
“Keets, now is not the time for your damn morals. If you stay here, you will die. Do you understand that? This building is going to collapse at any moment.”
“I don’t care!” I yell, starting back up the stairs. “I can’t leave her.”
“Damien,” Liz’s quiet voice comes through the phone. “You need to get out of here.” “Not a chance,” I answer, out of breath as I climb the stairs in my heavy gear. “What floor are you on right now?”
“101,” she answers. “But Damien, I—”
“No, Liz,” I answer firmly, pressing my back against the wall as a group of people squeeze by me on the stairs. “Don’t you dare ask me to leave you.” 
“Babe,” she says quietly. “I’m above the plane.”
I freeze on the balcony of the second floor, my heart thudding in my chest so hard I can hear it. Liz is above the impact zone; no matter how hard I try, there is no way I’ll be able to get to her in time... and she knows it. “Babe.” My voice catches on a strangled cry. “I can’t leave you here. You’ll die.” 
“If you stay, we’ll both die.”
I lean against the wall and slump down to the ground, all fight leaving my body. “Then we die together.”
Never Forget
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