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From a Writer to an Author My Journey begins

Turning back the pages day to weeks; drifting months into years as moons’ over moons light up the night sky returns us to one night. Upon a spring season warmer than most during this time. Finds as looking at the life changing night when I, Kenneth Donaldson embarked from a writer and blogger of many years to begin walking the career path to be known as Author Ken Donaldson. I remember it well that night. Sharing conversation in yahoo messenger with one of my lady friends from Canada. Like me at the current time a writer in her own right though, she has still yet to be published and take her respected place as an Author among Authors like myself. Now where was I? …. Oh yes, on a warmer spring night conversing with my lady friend. The topic we were entertaining was around one of her stories she is working on. Strangely enough even tho, I attempted to offer her ideas for helping her move out of her writers’ block at the time; came a suggestion about two critters a mouse and a raccoon I had made. Now, my friend did not like or want to include either of those two critters in her story. Which is where despite having many titles written in draft stage or under writing as well, lead to a very restless night’s sleep for me as those two critters told me a story. From which the very next morning I drafted out a tale around the mouse and the raccoon throughout the day. Before late that evening as my friend and I spoke online I mentioned to her what I had done that day and she requested, okay she demanded to have a read of the draft copy. It was from that moment after she had read the draft copy 24 hours later that my lady friend demanded two things. 1, she wanted more of the mouse and raccoons’ adventure to be provided. 2, she insisted well, hinted at clobbering me if I did not publish the now well-known award-winning series called The Mouse’s Diary. Until next time when I have a something new to share with you. I as your Author Ken Donaldson of The Mouse’s Diary series wish you one and all many happy hours of reading and sharing with your children the most rewarding adventurous storytelling tale called The Mouses Diary. for a full list of current publications visit
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