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Fugue a deux

This morning I woke up and I wrote a story, in 35 minutes flat. Not a long story, of course – 1200 words. I spent about an hour straightening it afterwards – moving words around, and doing all the little checks and tweaks one does before submitting. Then I formatted the five pages in the Shunn format took a deep breath, and mailed the story to the editor.
Now the wait begins.

I submitted the story to a very quirky, high-profile anthology – and should it be accepted, it would mean being published together with authors I respect a lot.
The story is called Fugue a deux, and it’s a short piece about make believe, the purpose of fantasy and love – or at least that’s how I described it in the cover letter. It came out more or less spontaneously, and it’s pretty raw, and silly.
It might be “inspired by real events”, but that’s a detail.

It was also inspired, I think, by a song by an artist I have been listening a lot in the last year or two – and because today is Sunday, and all that, here is the song, and the lyrics. The song also connects with the “real life events” mentioned above – and it feels very close and personal to me.
This time we are in luck: despite the artist being Japanese, the song is in English.

Inteachán – Book Five: The Tallest Tower Crane 5: ...
Don’t over-egg the pudding.

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