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Fundraising time at the schools again

I’ve written before about the fundraising done by both my kids’ schools and the Parent-Teacher Associations. It sometimes seems that every time you turn around someone is wanting money. But as annoying as that can be, I do understand that both these groups need the funds.

This year with Jase at the middle school and Lexie at the elementary, there are twice as many opportunities to donate money.

The middle school PTA basically just asks for money. They call it making a Greenback donation. They also do a silent auction during the school’s open house. Between the two events they bring in enough money to run the few programs they have planned for the year. (The middle school PTA does quite a bit with far less money than the elementary PTA.)

The elementary school PTA’s big fundraiser won’t happen until April when they hold their annual festival and silent auction.

Both PTAs have a few Eat for a Cause events planned for November and again in the spring. This is where families can eat at a certain restaurant on a given night and a percentage of the proceeds goes to the PTA.

This year, the elementary is also trying Square Art, where the students draw art that can be put on pillow cases, magnets, note cards and a variety of other products for parents to buy.

Beyond the PTA fundraisers that support the awesome PTA programs, both schools have fundraisers to buy new technology, supplies or in the case of the elementary – fund field trips. The middle school in the past has sold cookie dough or magazines. This year, they are offering a fundraiser that offers those items and more. Other items include nuts, candy, candles, and jewelry. The idea is that people can find something they like in the catalog or online.

Jase is in orchestra. They too have a fundraiser. It is a concert and spaghetti dinner. The only negative for this catered meal is that it is happening a week after the school fundraiser ends. It just makes it harder when asking the grandparents to fork out money for both events. But it is also Jase’s first concert so of course we are all going.

Now the the elementary’s fundraiser this year will be a little different. For the past four years they have done a fun run. This year, the principal decided to try his own version of a Greenback fundraiser. He is kicking it off with a dance/movie night where kids can come to school in their Halloween costumes. It will be interesting to see if this is as successful as the fun run.

And then there are the other groups asking for money – the book fair (supports the library) or saving Pennies for Patients (Leukemia). Even the school pictures offered each semester are a fundraiser for the school. Then there are the donations – canned goods, school supplies, underwear/socks, and Angel Tree gifts. It certainly adds up. We try to give to each food/supply drive or fundraiser. But sometimes you have to draw a line somewhere. It is early in the school year so we haven’t reached that point…yet.

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