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Funny, exciting and weird

I’ve been told I should do a series of posts about the funny and exciting and weird everyday life of a full-time writer.
Maybe not even posts, because nobody bothers with reading a blog these days, but maybe find a cartoonist and start a daily strip about the funny and exciting and weird everyday life of a full-time writer.


And admittedly it would be fun.I’d really love to be a cartoonist.
Not an ace like Frank Cho or Berkeley Breathed or Quino, I’ll never be like that in a million years anyway, but a guy that can hold his own with a pencil.
I’d do a strip about my life.
Telling of the sharp, breath-taking panic that grips me when the neighbor’s dog starts barking, because it might mean the postman’s coming, and the postman brings overdue bills, late payment notices and complaints from my bank…
… a strip telling of the similar, paralyzing fear of the phone, that brings calls from my insurance company because I’m late with the payment, or from the gas company or the water company because I owe them money, or news of ailing relations, but then it’s telemarketers most of the time (sigh of relief)…
… a strip telling of what needs to be done to live, for two people, with a 3 euro daily allowance for food, transport and entertainment…
… a strip telling of runaway clients and “I’m not interested in talking money”…
… a strip about CVs that disappear forever, of jobs denied because “you are overqualified”…
… a strip about the quiet daily desperation and what you need to do to keep it at bay and keep living “a normal life” and maybe even have fun and maintain a certain humor while the next payment on the mortgage could be your last, and you’d be on your own, without a house, without a “proper job”, without money, all credit lines closed…
It would be a cartload of laughs.

And mind you, what I’m saying is I’m a good enough writer that I could even make it fun, and not depressing.
Because that’s my game – writing, and surviving the darkest moods.

images (2)I am taking an online course in sketching.
I’m not the most dedicated of students, but my hand is improving. I may give it a try one of these nights. I only need to find me a funny and exciting and weird everyday life.
As of now, I sit here, and make up lies to sell,and call them stories.
People seem to like them.

And I still believe my readers are interested in what I write, not in the funny and exciting and weird everyday life I am supposed to lead.
And I’m all for posting glimpses of my day-to-day routine, as I vent my frustration and share my excitement here on this blog, and basically try and have a social life through this blog.
But turning my life into a show? Making it the primary reason why you should follow me? I’m rather dubious.
What do you guys say?

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