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Gerald Becomes A Wizard

Hi all, This short story is a prequel to the Gerald series of novels and is available free from Amazon. It is a 10,000 word story that shows the period just before Gerald and the amulet of Zonrach. I wrote this after finishing Gerald and the three princesses, which is now on submission with a publisher at the moment, because I missed being in Gerald's world and also because I want to give something free to my readers.

Here is the cover blurb:

"Life as a Royal Equine Poop Coordinator isn't the life for Gerald. His family business revolves around the rear end of horses and, as far as he is concerned, that is something he is not destined for. The life of a great wizard is on the horizon and Gerald is sure that when he reaches four feet eight his wizarding gene will kick in, and he will become what he has always dreamed of. Of course the fact that no-one in his family tree, as far as anyone can remember, has ever been a wizard could put a kink in Gerald's plans, but we'll see what happens."

I'd love to hear more ideas for adventures for Gerald. I have quite a few rattling around my head, but I'm always open to suggestions, and you never know, your idea might end up being a Gerald novel :)

Meanwhile, nip over to Amazon and grab your free copy of Gerald Becomes A Wizard.

Thanks for reading :)

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