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Getting even more personal with Jason Parent

One thing I love to do is to go back and talk to the amazing authors I have interviewed in the past. I get to see what they have been doing and what new books they have out now. I am honored to get to read for so many incredibly talented people. Jason Parent is one of these writers that I love to read. His books are superb and his plot and characters are always on point. To say he it talented is putting it mildly. His winning combination of smart, funny and charming makes him one of the best in my world. His latest release of They Feed is just another notch in his belt of proving me right. He is one to watch. He is going places. He is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. With a demanding day job and finding time to write I don’t know how he does it all. I have nothing but love and respect for him. If you haven’t tried any of his books please do so immediately.


Please welcome Jason Parent back to Roadie Notes……..


1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release?

My latest novel, They Feed, just came out from Sinister Grin. It’s pure, old-school horror, a creature feature mixed with slasher-flick tendencies. I hope it’s as much fun to read as it was to write.


2. If you could pick any author alive or dead to have lunch with who would it be? Why?

I’d like to pick fantasy author Michael Sullivan’s brain. In addition to writing good books, he knows how to engage fans, market appropriately, and just be a class act all around. Though, he answers fan questions on Goodreads, and I might be able to do it there… hmmm… I’m changing my answer to any author who drinks.

So yeah, just about all of them.



3. What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done?


The real question you should be asking is: what’s the strangest thing I’ve ever done to (or with) a fan?

Yeah, my life’s not that exciting.



4. What is the one thing you dread to do when writing?


Fall asleep. I write. On paper. In the bathtub.


5. Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Tell me about them

You want to hear something sad? I remember next to nothing about my childhood. I don’t think I had an imaginary friend, but I did have a blanky.



6. Do you go to conventions? If not why?


Yep, I go to conventions. Usually, they come in spurts. I’ll do three, then none for half a year. And I’ve never done one alone.



7. How many times did you have to submit your first story before it was accepted?


My first novel (published later, after many revisions): to just about every agent out there. My first published novel: once.

8. Ever consider not writing? If so what made you continue?


I don’t think I would stop writing, though the day job is doing its best to keep me from it right now. I have considered not publishing. We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days, and we’ve all taken hits in this business. It’s a rollercoaster for sure, but deep down I never want the ride to end.



9. Ever thought about writing in a different category?


Yep, and I have. Seeing Evil and A Life Removed are both crime thrillers (with elements of horror) and People of the Sun is a science fiction thriller.



10. Any new additions to the family? 


Nope, I’m an army of one. Think I may get a dog or a cat or both (or a sloth, if you can own one) soon.



11. What is coming up next for you?


They Feed just hit stores on April 15, so I will be promoting that for a bit. I also have two sequels of other titles coming out this year, Hearing Evil and Victoria (sequel to What Hides Within). I should also have one or two or three short stories coming out as well. But after that, I suspect things may slow down a bit.


12. Do you do release parties? Do you think they work? 


I have done release parties. I also hosted an event for others. They can be effective, if done right. I would have liked to have done something for They Feed, but I just haven’t had time to prepare it.



13. Do you have crazy stalker fans? Have you ever had one you wish would go away?


Yes, and yes. But just the one, and she did go away. Well, just the one that I know of…


14. Do you still have a “day job” ? If so what do you do? 


Ready to be bored? I am the manager of a team that primarily negotiates IT contracts for a corporation you probably know well. I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.

That was a joke. And also a quote from Anchorman.



15.  What is your process for writing? Do you have a voice in your head?


I don’t have much of a process these days. I need quiet or restaurant background noise. When I really get going, I lose track of time, living in my head and in the story until something jars me out of it.



16. Is there a book you want to make a sequel to you haven’t yet?


I’ve been toying with the idea of a sequel to Where Wolves Run. And I will definitely write a third book with Sam and Michael, my characters from Seeing Evil. If people like They Feed and want more, then I’d be happy to provide it to them.


You can connect with Jason Parent here: 



Twitter: @AuthorJasParent


Some of Jason Parent books: 


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