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Getting ready for the Halloween Mask

OK, so tomorrow is the day.
The 31st of October.
The day in which I said I’ll write a new short story and post it on Karavansara for all my readers to read it.

Let’s see, the story will be based on this exchange between my friend Claire and me…

leather_goat_mask_curled_horns_krampus_devil_by_teonova-d7g89twClaire: The moment we prepared in the not-quite-wings, and I truly raised the Copper Mask before my face for the first time (as opposed to trying it on), with the audience’s buzz dying down with the lights, was pure magic. Suddenly I felt timeless, and manipulative, and cruel – and perfectly safe. I hadn’t truly acted in front of an audience in more than twenty years, but really: nothing could go wrong behind the Copper Mask.

Me: And you know of course there is a story, in this.
A small, nasty little horror piece, about the Mask, and its cruelty…
I’ll send you the first draft.

So the story will be called Behind the Copper Mask.
I’m planning it as a short short – somewhere in the 4000-words whereabouts.
I’ll write it and post it here more or less unedited – I’ll use the Scrivener spell checker, and should I have time, Grammarly Online.

And as I am planning this, here’s a few notes on “how to go about such things as these”, to wit, writing a short in one day.

First: get a good night’s sleep. Second: tea. Brewing a number of cups during the day will also provide a good excuse to stop writing and take a break. Third: reference. I have here by my side The Element Encyclopedia of the Spirit World, and I’ll try and use only this one book as reference as I write. Fourth: turn off Facebook. Fifth and Foremost: expect the unexpected.

gallery-1463083643-yellow-potAnd this is more or less it.
I’ll probably start writing around 8 am.
I’ve been damn busy these last few days (I’ve a deadline and stuff) and I was unable to look into Google Documents: I know there’s a way to share the page with my readers so that you can see what happens as I write. I did not have time to set that up.
Maybe next time?

But I’ll be posting reports and wordcounts on Twitter throughout the day.
You can follow me at @davide_mana.
And I’ll also post bits and pieces on the Karavansara Telegram channel.


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