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I may have invented a new word today: “Gloryful”.

Someone asked me how my Mother’s Day went and the only word that came to me was, “Gloryful!”

My 5 month old grandson was dedicated on Mother’s Day and it was the first time my entire family (all my children and grandchildren) were together in the same church for many years!  With my oldest daughter and son-in-law immersed in their church and my son and daughter-in-law attending a different church from us as well, it was just a blessing to be all together in worship again.  Then of course, we were all there to support my son and daughter-in-love as they dedicated themselves to raising up their son to love the Lord and live for Him.  When my son prayed over my grandson, tears welled up in my eyes, praising God for His Loving Kindness to them and to our family.  It was GLORYFUL!

When we all gathered later for a BBQ dinner, the grandchildren the centre of attention and making their presence felt with their noise and laughter, I just soaked up the blessing of children from youngest to oldest.  Truly the Dove family nest is active and will continue to grow in the years ahead.  How blessed are we?

There are days that I mark as just about perfect, and Mother’s Day 2017 was one such day.  It was Gloryful!

The day was centred around God’s goodness, His provision and His guidance as we continue to dedicate our lives in raising our children and grandchildren “in the way they should go”.  As parents and grandparents we know all too well that we do not have all the answers and we make mistakes.  However, we have the assurance that God, THE perfect parent, will help us in our highs and lows, and in our successes and our failures as parents.  I can’t imagine embarking on parenthood without Him!  Hearing our son accept the challenge of parenthood, and enlisting God to help them as they raise their precocious baby boy gave me such peace.  If God is for them, who can be against them?

Will the days, months and years ahead be easy?  No.

Will they have challenges and make mistakes?  Yes.

Will God ever leave them or forsake them?  Never.

I hope they cling to the promises of God when discouragement and weariness drain them as parents.  If they continue to lean on God throughout this grand adventure that is parenthood, they too will experience God in ways that can only be described as “Gloryful!”



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