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I said in my December 2, 2015 post something smells bad and it’s coming from inside the I-495 beltway ( Well, the smell has gotten even worse. I didn’t think it could, but it has. We are at the height of the election season and a lot of light is shining on both parties and the administration.

The Democrats put up Bernie Sanders, knowing that he didn’t have a prayer of winning, to make Hillary Clinton look good. Low and behold, Bernie was getting more votes than Hillary but the Democrats rigged the system and gave the delegates to Hillary. Now Bernie’s delegates are furious and causing problems.

After more than two years, Trey Gowdy’s report on Benghazi has been released ( There were all kinds of hoopla during the hearings. Then after it was massaged and made politically palatable, a lot of faults were identified. Unfortunately, nothing will happen to anyone in the administration or Hillary Clinton. Oh, she’s running for president. Remember four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed.

The FBI released its report on Hillary Clinton’s email server. She was conducting government business and sending classified email over her private email account. The FBI investigated Hillary and the Director folded, spindled, and contorted out of shape the summary of the investigation, recommending no charges against her. Then the Director was summoned to testify before congress ( His repulsive answers were astounding. In fact, he said she was careless, made untrue statement to congress. Even when the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing tried to pin the director down by asking, if someone else did the same thing he said, “There would be some range of discipline.” But she is high profile and a politician, the standard is much higher for them. Right! What say you David Petraeus, and the countless others prosecuted for even less classified material handling infractions than what Hillary did?

Then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton just happen to have an impromptu thirty-minute meeting in Phoenix, the day before the public release of the House Benghazi Committee's report on the 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya. Remember Loretta Lynch is the top cop in the United States. The news reported that the meeting was a social event and they discussed the grandkids. Later, after a lot of pressure, Attorney General Lynch said she would abide by the FBI Director’s recommendation. Note that she didn’t recuse herself. Then the President of the United States started campaigning and chauffeuring Hillary around on Air Force One (at our expense). This didn’t send any signal to the Director now did it?

My guess is that Bubba (Bill Clinton) told Loretta that if she didn’t want to be Vince Fostered, no charges would be brought against Hillary. Of course, there were probably many favors promised as well. In fact, after the Attorney General said Hillary would not be prosecuted, Hillary said she wants Loretta Lynch to be her Attorney General. Imagine that. Wonderful!

The Republicans are not clean either. Remember back when we had sixteen arrogant, self-serving, politicians? They all agreed and signed a memo to support the nominee. Then they started to drop out of the presidential race because they couldn’t garner enough support. Most of them have now refused to support the last man standing. Some were hard at work and supporting a coup d'etat at the Republican Convention. That tells a lot about their character. Talk about spoiled children!

The Republicans have controlled both houses and have not accomplished anything. The congressional approval ratings are less than fifteen percent. The do-good republicans have been complacent with the president in running up the national debt, which is now over $19 trillion. We are fighting a war, the President can’t even say radical Islamic terrorist, the elected officials are cutting the military, and our foreign policy, if we even really have one, is a disaster. In fact, the Marines are out of money and are having to scrounge and cannibalize parts for their aircraft hoping to keep them flying. Think about that the next time a military aircraft takes off or a close air support aircraft is called for help. The borders are wide open and terrorists are known to be in with the poor, illegal immigrants streaming over the border. Did you ever notice those “immigrants” are young, physically fit men of military age? Think about it. Unbelievable!

I must give our Secretary of State my Baghdad Bob Award. Congratulations, Mr. Secretary! Kerry went on the talk shows today, 7/17/2016, and proclaimed that ISIS is on the run ( Really? Might want to check with the rest of the western world, Mr. Secretary. What do you think the people in Orlando, Nice, France, and even Dallas would say to that? On the run? You didn’t finish the sentence. On the run to where? To the West, Mr. Secretary, to kill us.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has gone along with the president funding his open borders and has pledge to keep them open to supply America with cheaper labor. He drops below fifty percent approval in his home district and then floods his Wisconsin district with mailers in an attempt to convince his constituents he is for closed borders. He urges them to support him in his bid for re-election ( Unbelievable! I don’t think the Wisconsin voters are that stupid, Mr. Ryan.

I can go on and on but you get the idea. The rank and file of both the house and senate receive $174,000 plus benefits each year. They want more. Have you noticed that even the poorest ones go to Washington and after just a term or so, are multi-millionaires? I know, wise investing. Not!

Then you have the ones that have homesteaded inside the beltway, like mine, and send out marketing materials during election season to remind us they are alive, how wonderful they are, and what all they have done—they voted. Wow! I want a job paying $174,000 plus benefits each year where the roughest thing I have to do is press a button and say yes or no. Some ride the fence and just say present. Marco Rubio has the worst voting record in the Senate and wants to get re-elected. I guess he wants to try to beat his own record. Marco, Florida is on to you.

Oh, where is all that money going that the administration says is so urgently needed? Yes, ludicrous spending while the Marines are holding their aircraft together with bubblegum, bailing wire, and a prayer. Do you see any return on your taxes? The Army and other branches of the military are hurting as well. It is time to clean house.

All the headline grabbing rhetoric of the politicians is all for show. They are loyal to the money and could care less about their constituents or the country. Just remember what I keep saying, Chico Marx—Duck Soup—said it correctly, “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” Think about it.

That is not a broken sewer line or decomposing garbage, it’s the politicians and the mess they have created. Yes, the best word I can come up with is gobsmacking.

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