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We live in an ever-changing world, one where change is happening at ever increasing speed.

The truth of the old adage which says, “If you stand still long enough you’ll end up going backwards” has never been so evident.

This competitive hunger for transformation is affecting all areas of the publishing world, from the major players like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, to Random House, Harper Collins and Hachette Livre.


It is no surprise then, this onslaught of rapid change is influencing and shaping the future of the indie author and writer markets in ways never seen before.

The warning is, most writers are, “stuck in their ways.“

Too many indie authors have become comfortable and clearly reliant on the way they have been publishing, promoting and marketing their books over the past years. Free book giveaways, quickfire sales, time-limited discounts, paying for a service to give their books away with ‘spammy’ posts across the internet and unwelcome emails.

I know, I know it is unbelievable; but some authors actually do pay money to allow other people to give their books away, all for a loose promise and no guarantee of increasing sales. (Their sales never do increase by the way.)

It seems these authors are so entrenched within their ‘comfort zones‘ they have failed to move with the times, failed to notice the world around them changing and are, in all honesty, now ‘going backwards‘.

A sad thing is, they will argue the facts. They will fight to continue to spend time, money and effort on ineffective and unproductive promotions, even when they prove fruitless and futile time and again.

These same authors then post about bad sales, blaming the ‘crowded’ marketplace and Amazon’s algorithms, or the fact they can no longer pay someone to write a ‘review’ saying how wonderful their book is and that everyone should buy it. (It is impossible for any paid review to be totally honest because of the element of bias, human nature and fiscal gain involved.)

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Some authors do, however, take the opportunity to move forward, some becoming pro-active with their book marketing strategies.

One such group of authors are those who publish a selection of their books under the Electric Eclectic brand.

Electric Eclectic began back in 2017 with the idea to employ unused short stories and ‘orphaned‘ material to create eBook Novelettes. The ensuing books introduce readers to an author’s work and writing style while promoting the author’s prime books.

A lot has changed since then, mostly in response to the major shifts in the publishing world mentioned above, but also because our readers asked us to produce longer books and paperback editions.

It turns out readers love Electric Eclectic books so much they now seek out the brand and look for the logo on book covers.

Electric Eclectic books range from those initial eBook novelettes through to larger and longer eBooks and full-length paperbacks.

One form of paperback which is special to Electric Eclectic are the ‘pocketbooks‘. These are fully fledged paperbacks but produced to a smaller size, which makes it easier to slip them into a handbag or a pocket… hence the name.

Electric Eclectic authors are definitely not standing still, they are moving forward as rapidly as the marketplace around them.

Many of the original Electric Eclectic authors now manage areas of Electric Eclectic they epletterhaedtranspinitiated, such as Instagram, The Electric Eclectic YouTube channel called ‘Electric Press’ and the literary magazine of the same ‘Electric Press‘ name. Other services are the creation of a blogging network, @open24 (an Amazon store), and an author services section. 

The ethos of Electric Eclectic is to help indie authors create income, primarily through the sales of their books and secondarily, by using the Electric Eclectic brand to create other income channels. 

Electric Eclectic is not a publisher, it is a book marketing brand authors share, in a sort of co-operative decentralised franchise. 

Electric Eclectic takes no royalty. It is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting indie authors in creating their own income. 

During this year, 2019, Electric Eclectic are opening their doors and will welcome a small number of authors into their ranks. 

If you would like to be one of the six lucky writers to become an Electric Eclectic author this year, email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.whyEEpromo


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