Two bits of news about today.
Three actually. Good news, and that’s good.

The first: as of today, September 2018 is the most successful month for this blog, ever. Lots of visits, lots of comments and shares.
Thank you to all comers, to the old timers and the new readers. Thank you, and welcome.
Karavansara has been slowly but steadily growing these last six years,and I will try and improve the offer of this blog, because… because I like blogging, and I want to do more for more readers.

And talking about readers…
No4TestlowThe second bit of news is one of the readers of Occult Detective Quarterly contacted the editor to know if more stories featuring Nennius Britannicus and the Boys could be found elsewhere.
Because the reader in question found Black Frog and Black Scarab much to their liking.

I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to know that one of our stories was liked to the point that somebody actually asked for more.
There is always an element of uncertainty and insecurity, no matter how confident we are in our skills and in our plot, and characters, and writing.
Will it work?
Will they like it?
When you learn it does, and they do, it’s like a getting a weight off your chest.

And the idea that this great compliment was paid to me and my work through my editor is another very important thing.
Because now the editor knows my stuff is requested.
And he might indeed buy more stories.


It’s because of this that I asked the editor of Occult Detective Magazine if it would be all right to pitch him a new Contubernium short, and he said to go ahead.
Which brings us to the third bit of today news: it’s called Island of the Dead and it’s now completely outlined. Nennius Britannicus and the Boys are about to take a trip upriver.

It’s been a good day.

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