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Gracey is Home from the Hospital

gracey at hospitalMy husband snuggles Gracey while visiting during her hospitalization.  Photo by the author

Well, our Gracey is home from the hospital.  She spent three days in the ICU with fever of unknown origin, test after test coming back negative.  An internal medicine specialist was called in on her case, and that’s when she started testing for flea-borne illness.  As soon as the vet said she was testing for flea-borne illness, we did some research … and discovered that fleas can develop immunity to treatments over time.  We had never had much of a problem with fleas, so we weren’t rigorous about using treatment to begin with … but you can be assured that we are now.  All of our pets have been treated with something new.

It turns out that Gracey has bartonella, aka cat-scratch fever.  This disease is zoonotic, meaning that it can be passed to humans.  I’ve notified the animal shelter where I volunteer that I will not be in until Gracey’s six-week course of antibiotics is complete; even with all of the steps we’re taking, I could still accidentally bring in a flea with bartonella, and I won’t take that risk.

Gracey is isolated from the rest of the pets for the time being (which is driving her a little mad, because she’s a very active girl).  She can’t have the new flea treatment for another week because of what they gave her in the hospital, so we want to make sure that everyone is separated.

Several friends asked if they could help with the $4,124 hospital bill, so I started a YouCaring/GoFundMe for a portion of it.  You can see that here, along with a copy of the bill total and another photo of Gracey.

Another way to help would be to buy one or more of my books via the purchase links on the My Books page here.

Thanks for reading my posts about this situation.

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