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Great ponies: Sweetbrier

Some of you may know I grew up at a beautiful riding school called Sweetbrier. Today we’ll talk about some of the great ponies who lived at Sweetbrier.

As you might imagine, we had many notable ponies.  Let’s talk about my sister Holly’s  great pony, Dark N Fancy. He was medium- sized with unusual white marking. Holly started showing him when she was eight-years-old. What a team they were! She even taught this adorable pony to bow and give her kisses. How cute is that?  Even though Dark N Fancy was adorable, other ponies we owned had charm and talent. For example, we can’t forget my mom’s Arabian pony, Chiefie. My dad taught Chiefie to do tricks like lying down to play dead, count,  and sit down. He was surely one of the most incredible ponies ever.

Holly and Frosty

We also owned several cute Welsh ponies like Marvel Us, Bobby, and Frosty. Marvel Us was cute and super sweet, like the dappled grey pony, Frosty. But Bobby was a little rascal at first. He was tiny, like a stuffed toy. But he was cleaver. For example, he had a small box stall in the feed room. The little imp learned to open the latch stick his naughty little nose into the grain barrel. We had to cover it carefully to keep him out. But that’s not all. He loved to take jump little cross rails and stop as soon as his front feet landed, often unseating his young riders. But Holly corrected that bad habit and he became a favorite pony for small riders.. We can’t talk about Sweetbrier ponies without mentioning Holly’s tiny pony, Goldie. She was

Dark N Fancy relaxing at Sweetbrier

only 10.2 hands high (42 Inches) but she could jump three feet. Isn’t that incredible?

These are a few of the great ponies from Sweetbrier.  But of course,  there were others. I hope you enjoy learning about these talented ponies.

Holly and Goldie jumping at home.
Picture included in “My Life at Sweetbrier:



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