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Gull Harbor is a #1 Bestseller on #Amazon + #BarnesandNoble! #Ghosts #Romance #99c #sale #amwriting

Seeing the orange banner under
your book never gets old!
My birthday came early this year!  This weekend, my novel, Gull Harbor, hit #1 Bestseller status on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites at the same times, in multiple categories!  On Saturday night, this second-chance romance/ghost mystery was within the Top 100 Bestsellers list overall on both sites, hitting an overall ranking of 92 on Amazon and landing in the top 10 overall on B&N's list of Bestselling Nook Books.  What a thrill!  It definitely gave me a warm, fuzzy glow on a bitterly cold weekend that made just going outside a brutal prospect.

Gull Harbor hit #1 in both Paranormal Romance and
Paranormal Contemporary Romance at Barnes & Noble,
coming in at #10 Bestseller in all Nook Books that day

#1 in three categories! Happy dancing!

This book has long been my most popular, and has earned a #1 Kindle Bestseller banner on several occasions, almost every time it goes on sale.  This time, the sale was picked up by BookBub, which is a very discerning site and newsletter promoting deals on books they select.  I was so excited when they chose to advertise my sale to their subscribers, but I wasn't expecting such phenomenal sales!

My biggest hope, though, is that the readers who purchased my book enjoy it.  That's really what it's all about, and that's the sole reason I decided to pursue a writing career...there are few things I enjoy more than getting lost in a page-turning read.  Every year, I post my favorite reads of the year here, and I'm currently working on my 2017 list.  Reading is my absolute favorite form of relaxation and entertainment, and my goal is to provide that for my fellow readers with the stories that come to life in my very active imagination.  Since I love both the roller coaster of emotions that come with romance as well as the chills and thrills of spooky suspense, I try to combine those two elements into hard-to-put-down reads.  

A dangerous ghost & an ex-boyfriend await
psychic Claire Linden in Cape Cod's Gull Harbor

If you'd like to pick up a copy of Gull Harbor while it's still less than a buck, the links are below.  A huge thanks to the readers who sent the book to made my weekend!  Enjoy visiting the shores of Cape Cod for some steamy romance with a haunting mystery :)

Positivity and Infidelity
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