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Haiku Poetry Day

If you didn’t know, TODAY is Haiku Poetry Day.

“History of Haiku Poetry Day
The history of Haiku Poetry Day traces the origin of this poetic form. It was originally found as the opening to another form of Japanese poetry called a Rengu. It took until the mid-1600’s for Hokku, the form Haiku was found in at this time, to start appearing independently from it’s Renga and Renku roots. In the late 1800’s Hokku was renamed to Haiku when it appeared independently by Masaoka Shiki.

There were two masters responsible for elevating Haiku to an independent art form, Matsuo Bashō and Ueshima Onitsura. These two were considered Masters of Poetry, and helped to bring Haiku to being appreciated and understood outside of its original context of Renku. So impotant was Basho to the history of Haiku that he was elevated to a ‘Saint of Poetry’ 100 years after his death.”

I’m a big fan of Haiku’s, having written and taught this poetry form for many, many years, For that reason, I jumped at the chance to participate in a group writing project for Faithful Bloggers.  I was one of twenty-two Christian writers who contributed Haikus and I am pleased to offer to my faithful readers a PDF of the compiled Haikus…my free gift to you!

All I ask in return, is that you take the time to please share and follow my Journey Thoughts blog, and “like” my Facebook page, as well as the other Christian writers who participated in this challenge.

I appreciate

All my readers and enjoy

Reading your comments!

Here is the link for you to download a copy of the PDF of the Christian Haiku.

Happy Haiku Poetry Day!

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