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Help me choose a book

OK, let’s try and do one of those things that the cool bloggers out there do and, like, get cartloads of hits, and so on.

I’ve got a stack this thick of ebooks on my reader, and I will (hopefully) read a few in August and relax and be happy and all that.
But what about you decide at least one of them?
What about non fiction?

So here’s the choice:

Richard Holmes – Falling Upwards
A history of the pioneers of baloon flight, and the book that allegedly inspired the movie “The Aeronauts”Stefan Buczacki – Earth to Earth
Described as “A Natural History of Churchyards”.Mary Dobson – Murderous Contagion
A general history of epidemics and human historyErnle Bedford – Mediterranean
Being a history of the most trafficked sea in the world.Cox & Forshaw – Why E=mC2 (and why should we care)
A book about physics and our place in the universe.

All five books are on my to-read list, and all are asking for my attention.
Have your say, and help me decide.

The comments are open, cast your vote.

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