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Historical Fiction Spotlight: Blood of my Blood (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 6) by Gemma Lawrence

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US

August 1572:  As the horror of the St Bartholomew's Eve massacre in France shudders through England, Elizabeth Tudor fears religious violence will spread. In order to keep her country safe, she must make peace with enemies, whilst working secretly to disrupt their ambitions. 

Through years fraught with the threat of invasion, Elizabeth will fight on, attempting to maintain balance as Europe descends into chaos and bloodshed. But the threats against England are mounting. Catholic priests, trained in the Low Countries, are sent into England to disrupt her religious settlement, and there is rebellion in Ireland. Puritans are infiltrating her Church, foreign princes wish her dead, Protestants overseas call constantly for aid and the threat of Mary Queen of Scots, still a captive under Elizabeth's power, shakes the stability of the throne. 

Yet Elizabeth has weapons... her pirates, sent out to unsettle the might and threat of Spain, her men and their spies, and lastly, her wits; her most formidable weapon. 

But the greatest blow will come not from foreign princes, hostile religious zealots or from her cousin of Scots, but from the person closest to her... The one she trusted above all others. 

Blood of my Blood is Book Six in The Elizabeth of England Chronicles

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About the Author

Gemma Lawrence is an independently published author living in Cornwall in the UK. She studied literature at university says, 'I write mainly Historical Fiction, with an emphasis on the Tudor and Medieval periods and have a particular passion for women of history who inspire me'.Gemma can be found on Wattpad and Twitter @TudorTweep.
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