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Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt1

A long time ago in the shire.

Lived an orphan hobbit Rodeo was his name. Rodeo was not like other hobbit oh no, Rodeo was a hobbit who had a dream that one day he would rise to be the hero of the shire and all others would praise him as one of them. Instead of looking down upon him because he had no parents and was forced to hide on the shire’s county limits.
Now it just so happened one year not sure when but one year it happened as the Christmas celebrations got into full swing and the hobbitists were parting like it was the year 3939. Young Rodeo came to meet a mouse. Not just any old mouse but a talking mouse who run up the leg of the table as he sat down to eat day old stale bread the baker had left out back in the sun and asked.

“Please may I have some of your meal?”. “I am ever so hungry”. Now Rodeo thought for a moment at all the other hovels filled with food and drink in large amounts and here he was with just this little meal of day-old stale bread. And he thought hard about sharing this meal of his that fortune had provided as a Christmas meal. When again the mouse asked

“Please may I have some of your meal?”. “I am ever so hungry”.  At first Rodeo was thinking of begin mean and nasty and saying to the mouse

“Go away and get your own food” as he thought about his life and how poorly the other hobbits had treated him all his young life to that day and show he was no different to the other hobbitisits whom, had grown fat and greedy without any care for anyone or anything but their own self.

“Hmmm” mumbled Rodeo reaching down picking up the bread as if he was going to eat it all up by himself. When he looked down at the hungry mouse standing there with a tear rolling down the side of his face. Rodeo’s heart melted and the smile on his face lighten with the bread held firmly in hand he broken it in half and passed down one full share to the mouse who, over come with joy burst into tears at the sight of such a warm-hearted gift from one who had so little to give already.
“You sir are a true gentleman” commented the mouse as he stood there transforming his appearance into a mouse wizard. This had left Rodeo astonished watching the mouse glow bright white and reappear as a wizard covered in gold from head to toe.

“For your generosity” said the magical mouse.

“I am offering you seven wishes. But you must write each one down before thirty days has passed”.

“Yes, thank you” replied Rodeo. As the mouse went on to say.

“One wish will be granted at this time each year for the next seven years”. Again, Rodeo said

“Thank you” as the mouse and the bread offering disappeared.


Now boy’s and Girls what do you think Rodeo’s seven wishes were?   

Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt2
Space Cowboy

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