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Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt2


Oh, dearie, dearie the name of it all. Days have past and at last a new year has begun with no help from any boy nor girl nor even you. Poor Rodeo, what ever shall he do?

Woe of woes Rodeo does not know what to do. Seven wishes he needs to write down for the mouse to grant one this year that is true. As he sits at his table day by day alone inside a storm water drain cause’in he could not even afford a hobbit home. With his thoughts of what he wants, hopes, dreams and desires to be and what he might really need. Woe of woes how hard can it be just seven wishes is all he is allowed to ask. But can only come up with one. A wish he thinks that could be good to help him be rid of hate from his heart for good. Oh, my oh my, Rodeo does not know. Since all he can think of about his earliest childhood memory is how mean those other hobbistists have always been.

Could it be worthy of asking, Rodeo wishes he knew. What do you think Rodeo could do with seven wishes he needs to choose?

Anne of Brittany? Raised to rule, she knew how to ...
Hobbit Mouse at Christmas pt1

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