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Houston is Paralyzed by Flooding

There are some great resources here if you want to try to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Those of you in Texas, please stay safe.

Glover Gardens Cookbook

It’s not my first Big Bad Storm Rodeo.  I’ve lived in Southeast Texas almost all of my life, and have seen my share of dark and stormy nights, hurricanes, floods and disasters. But I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on in the Greater Houston area right now.

I grew up on the Bolivar Peninsula along the Texas Gulf Coast, about 200 yards from the shore. Here’s the view from our deck in Gilchrist, Texas. As you can imagine, evacuation was a pretty common process for us.

Harvell House - View

We left our little tropical paradise to flee oncoming hurricanes and tropical storms many times while I was growing up. Back then, it was a world without today’s ubiquitous connectedness through internet and cable TV, and we were forced to wait until we returned to find out about the condition of our home and community.  There was always damage, sometimes fairly minimal, like…

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