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How Did PayPal Become the Remarkable Success Story?


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Note:  Following the remarkable success of PayPal, I welcomed learning more about the company history.  Today’s guest blog is by Megan Arevalo, Community Manager, for  The Infographic and the facts beneath, provide all of us with excellent insight.

The Success Story of The Biggest Online Payment System {PayPal}

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PayPal is a leading technology platform allowing digital and mobile payments both by consumers and merchants, regardless of their location. PayPal is a caring online payment system aimed at making payments easy.  In addition to shopping purposes, usage may also include transferring money to a family member abroad, for example. The way of using this payment method is simple and can be easily conducted with the help of any device, mobile or desktop.

To learn more about PayPal and to grasp the major facts on how it made its way through the already existing payment options, make sure to take a look at the infographic presented by a group of experts. Reading through the 7 reasons listed below:

1 Become accessible to a wider range of customers or potential employees
Whether you are a large company or a freelancer, you can choose PayPal as a payment gateway. Its availability in 203 markets and multiple currencies has proved to be a trustful and easy method for online payments. With PayPal as your preferred payment method, you can expand your audience and gain customers or be hired by an employer hundreds of kilometers or miles away from you.

2 It is easy and time-efficient to pay via PayPal
The time needed for regular transactions is reduced, as the financial data collection is automated.

3 PayPal is recognized as the world’s most reliable payment system.
This fact is one of the basic criteria to which users pay attention since the moment you link your financial accounts to an online service; security should be guaranteed. PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted. If you have a secure connection to the legitimate PayPal site, you do not have to worry further. It is easier and more secure to have PayPal as an intermediary payment carrier, instead of sharing your bank account information directly with the website from which you are purchasing.

4 Disputes and Funds
PayPal offers Buyer Protection and Account Protection programs, which might reimburse you. For this, you have to report the transaction immediately. However, keep in mind that certain types of transactions are not covered by Buyer Protection. Buyer Protection is similar to the benefits you get with a credit card: you can reverse the charges if the seller fails to deliver what was promised.

5 Convenience through shopping via a mobile device using PayPal
Nowadays we cannot remain indifferent toward the rapid growth of mobile commerce. Global research from PayPal and Ipsos shows that mobile shopping is growing nearly three times faster than the e-commerce average. The research was based on examining the habits of over 17,500 mobile shoppers in 22 markets around the world. Through 2017, the international annual growth rate for mobile commerce is projected at an estimated 42 percent vs. 13 percent for general e-commerce.

6 A wide range of industries uses PayPal
Not only can you pay for your travel costs by using PayPal or accept it as a payment gateway for your business, but you can also use it for organizing your entertainment or healthcare.

7 Possibility to get beneficial offers, discounts, and coupons while using PayPal
Thanks to the so many partnerships PayPal has with a host of companies and websites; it allows getting some advantages periodically by receiving discounts on some products or even getting cash back.
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