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How Do You Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Our beliefs about combining artificial intelligence and human selling are in the beginning phase. The question is, are we willing to consider varying perspectives for a better conclusion?

My Story

On my first sales job, I was expected to sell fax machines. I knew nothing about the machines and was nervous given my lack of technical understanding. My secret desire of taking the easy path was quickly tossed aside.

I realized the need to keep up with evolving times. Most importantly, my new habit evolved into continual learning.

Essential Lessons for Human Selling
Listen about 70% of the time Be precise in communication Question the unstated topics Always ask for clarification to avoid missteps Follow-up with precision

Robots can most likely implement the bullet points that include ‘precise’ and ‘precision.’  But recognizing what is missing from a conversation or providing related ideas require human thinking.

The differentiator for standing out from all others, including technology, is to add these additional factors into our delivery:

Smile as much as possible Show empathy as people discuss their pain points Share intriguing personal stories Build professionally personal relationships

“Combining old-fashioned etiquette with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.”

Today’s Story: Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling
 Tom Reaoch, Host of the Talk2Brazil podcast, asked the question, “How can we incorporate trust in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?”  Click the link to listen.

We hope you enjoy the recording and find some of the insights helpful as you prepare for the new journey. Success is dependent upon continual learning.

     2.  A Forbes article, by Teresa Meek, appeared on Twitter.  It is entitled, ‘AI in Agriculture: A Powerful Force for Good,’  I took the time to read the piece in full. The core of the message is about using artificial intelligence for the greater good.

According to Meek, “Some of the most exciting innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) are taking place far from gleaming tech campuses.  Across acres of fields and greenhouses, farmers are using AI to vastly reduce their use of chemicals and minimize damage to the environment. Advances in AI-driven robotics are also empowering farmers to feed more people with less land and fewer workers.”

Every endeavor is capable of being motivated by greed or benefitting many.  It is heartwarming to see that we can make use of robotics and artificial intelligence with the greater good in mind. I use ‘heartwarming’ given we are speaking about food crops and our environment.

When you work for a win for all, you and your work grow in the spotlight. 

For More Insights Read:

Are You Future Ready?  Do You Listen for Possibilities?  Do You Take Chances to Reach New Heights? Do You Realize How Far You Have Come? 
Your Story: Combine artificial intelligence with human selling

You most likely have ideas about how artificial intelligence and human selling will interact. Some people believe the technology will eliminate many jobs. Others see the new method as a boost for improving performance and possibly society.

The entrepreneurial spirit will figure out ways in which leveraging the technology can create new jobs and wealth. In your spare time, consider these three questions:

Do you ever think about how robotics and artificial intelligence may change how we live and work? If you are an entrepreneur or salesperson, do you wonder how to remain ahead of the curve? If you are a job seeker, how will you explain your thought about how to combine artificial intelligence with human selling?

The old excuse of, ‘that’s not my department,’ no longer holds credibility. Clientele will want to know how you plan to combine artificial intelligence with human selling.  While the in-depth answers are the department’s responsibility, we will each need to become familiar with what is possible.

Top the Sales Scoreboard

Embrace the idea of using artificial intelligence with human selling.  When you add the human element to business conversations, you distinguish yourself. Done well, you become seen as a unique welcome being. Showing empathy by listening and sharing ideas with prospects will help create your client fan club. And it is your client fan club that will always have you at the top of the sales scoreboard.

My quote, ‘combining old-fashioned etiquette with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all,’ was put to the test by sharing the corporate stories in my first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale. The examples helped the book become evergreen. You can learn more by clicking this link. 

Sales Tips: Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling
Be human by sharing that you care and wish to solve problems Listen with your mind Speak with heart Provide possibilities for a solution Foresee using robotics and artificial intelligence for repetitive assignments Incorporating technology improves productivity Ask clients for feedback on the new Tweak systems according to the better client suggestions Do comparison checks between just human interaction versus added technology Celebrate Success!
Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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