We're enjoying the sun at the moment, a rare commodity in Northern Europe. The field where I walk every morning and evening is bustling with vibrancy and activity. Within all the turmoil of life at its summer peak, we take the burst of life which this season brings for granted. Just like in our everyday lives we forget that the ordinary is equally extraordinary. We may too busy, too harassed and too self-absorbed to recognise that small gestures can be reassuring, calming and life affirming. A smile could make your day for example and equally, just smiling at someone else could lift their spirits too. I was reminded of this by watching the grass this morning, the seed heads standing like sentinels. In fact, they are very small and so many hundreds of them that they seem irrelevant. But an individual seed head will release hundreds of seeds which will burrow into the sodden autumn soil and will germinate next spring. This field will always be full of grass as a result. Small things and small gestures can change a landscape.
Photo copyright SvD.
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