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How to deal with emotional emptiness?

Emotional emptiness is worse than a breakup. In the state of breakup, you will yell, cry or throw anger outside of you. If you are numb, there is only dead silence. It is hard to feel something. Desires died, this emotional thrill is not present anymore. Now there is a desperate attempt to wake up your desires again.

Whoever passed through this state, it is familiar to feel like a paper. Now, you are somewhere outside, do you notice someone, where all the sparks went?

Handsome boys are outside but you don't notice.
Someone is winking at you but you don't care.
Someone gave you a compliment but this is annoying.

After a breakup with Gavin, Sylvia was emotionally exhausted. This was a stormy relationship, and she felt like she spent all the energy for him. She was again in the game, but nothing excited her more. She picked up her old friend Sam, indeed he was her fuckbuddy in the past. He was the ideal partner to comforting her. They made love and Sylvia felt appreciated, after all, he was crazy about her by years. She pleased her ego, but that was all. Sparks missed, thunder was not even near. She could not say "I love you," even he said it to her, he wanted a relationship. 

Emotional emptiness is dangerous when you involve someone in your life. This person will expect something from you, but you could not give him anything. Like someone robbed you, you have nothing to offer. 

Now, can you force yourself to feel? Of course not, give yourself time. 

Be honest. Tell someone who loves you that you are not ready.
Say it at the start, what he can expect from you.
Open a possibility that the relationship will not work out.

You can't rape yourself, don't you? When you feel that something is slipping out from your hands, that will wake up your feelings again. You need to feel wings to fly, and if you are bonded, flying will not be possible.

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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