What happens when a man finds a woman who is equal to him? It means she can reply sharply to his demands and she will not obey. Usually, alpha men are not got used to such kind of women, because they prefer gentle ladies who will shut up and smile accord his wishes.

Ken and Tina always found a reason for conflict. He was egocentric and believed he knew everything the best. Tina was educated and hot-tempered, she could not allow a man to underestimate her. Even they argued, they attracted each other. Ken learned to give her respect, and Tina learned to stay silent when it is necessary.

How to seduce an alpha man?

Let him believe that he is the boss.

Stay calm. Alpha men don't like hysterical women.

Surprise him by giving him an opportunity to negotiate. His ego will be pleased, and your dignity will not be destroyed.

Smile and believe in yourself. A woman who smiling is sexy. The crying woman is turned off.

Don't follow him if he did not invite you. 

Don't make scenes.  If he doesn't want you back off then.

Someone will say, why should I need to seduce such man? Some women like guys who are bossy, egocentric, demanding, this make them sexy. Sometimes, you can get such a man, but only for a short and only for sex. For the real relationship, you can't show him that you are an easy trophy. All men are hunters, but alpha man is a special hunter, and he will not be entertained with an easy race.

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Original author: Kristina Gallo