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And so my Patreon page is up.
In the end I did not do a welcome video because my system went belly-up.
But you will notice a bright red button in the sidebar, that looks like this.


By clicking on the button, you’ll come to my Patreon page, and you’ll find out what I am preparing for you should you decide to become a patron of mine, depending on your monthly pledge.

First tier: 

Two exclusive posts per week.
Behind the scenes on my writing.
Notes, character sheets, outlines.
First drafts, deleted scenes.
And I’ll mention you in my self-published books, with my sincere thanks.

Second Tier: 

All of the above but you will also get one new story per month – a 3000-words short in various genres, various styles, delivered at the end of the month. The first one hits my Patrons between Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Third Tier:

You will get all of the above, plus every new ebook I self-publish, straight away, even before I upload it on Amazon. And next year we’d be able to write stories together using **Storium** (about which I’ll do a post later today).

I’d like to do more.
A podcast, most certainly, having the time. But that’s for future development.

And there’s a number of stretch goals – you might get extra stories, and longer stuff. Novelettes, novellas.
Or maybe gaming material.
You’ll have your say on what sort of stuff it is.

So, the Patreon button looks like this…


What about clicking it and taking a look around?
I’d love you to join my community, but really, just take a look around and think about it.
And let me know what you think! The comments are open.

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