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I’d kill to write a story about these two characters

Autumn is obviously approaching, as ideas are once again flooding what’s left of my brain, and the need to organize the days becomes essential if I want to have a chance of doing everything and maybe be able to pay the bills. So…

morning – my ghostwriting projectlunch – put some order in the affairs of the podcastafternoon – close the edit of the historical essaydinner – a movie?after-dinner – personal writing projects

Nice and smooth.

And this morning, as I was checking my Twitter, I saw these illustrations by artist GUWEITZ, and I fell in love.
I’d really really like to write a few stories about these characters.

And as I am, I suggest you follow the artist on Twitter: @ttguweiz
There’s a beautiful art book coming, and I’m really sorry I missed the Kickstarter.

But oh, to write about these two ladies…

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