Writing_a_Novel_in_Five_Days_While_Traveling_Cover_FinalI’m roughly halfway through the fourth episode of AMARNA (yes, I’m late), and I am taking a break to award myself a cup of tea and two biscuits, and to read a book I got with the latest Write Stuff bundle on StoryBundle.
The book is called Writing a Novel in Five Days While Traveling by Dean Wesley Smith.
I already told you about my current effort to increase my output – so that any book about increasing speed and writing in weird conditions interests me.
Also, I like Dean Wesley Smith’s attitude and approach to work, so there.

The book is very straightforward, and rather fun (and short), and got me thinking about the time I spent days on the road, travelling between universities and the shaded hills of Astigianistan.
I did a bit of writing, back then, but it really was a chore.
Reading in my dorm room? Sure.
Writing? Not so easy.

So here I am.
In the meanwhile, I find out that a major Italian publisher is about to start a series about ancient Egypt – nothing really new or original (hey, what is new and original?), but with the bonus of having covers by my friend Maurizio Manzieri.
And I’m posting them here, just because the paintings are gorgeous, I’m writing AMARNA, and I am in an Egyptian mood.
And I’m not the only one, apparently.

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