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Ill-begotten prizes

I just received a great gift from my friend Silvia, that I am assisting as researcher and gopher on a series of blog posts about “Ugly but Cool Guys” – sort of a complete reversal of the “Hunk of the Week” sort of thing many bloggers of the female persuasion seem to like.

Anyway, this is not a job, it’s having fun with a friend, so I was none too happy of being paid for it.
But Silvia insisted, and so, why not ask her to keep me into reading matter for the duration?

And today, the postman delivered the first of my ill-begotten, undeserved prize – a copy of the 2014/2015 issue of Blood’n’Thunder, Ed Hulce’s wonderful magazine about the pulps, old time serials and related matters.
And boy is it a beauty!


As you can see from the cover, the 260 large-format book includes a ton of quite interesting stuff – not only on the history of the pulps, but from the history of the pulps.
I am particularly interested in the 1929 H. Bedford-Jones piece about the life as a pulp writer, and “Cap” Shaw’s article on writing dialogue from the pages of Black Mask.

So yes, I’m as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.
And I wanted you guys to know.

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