I have no idea what I will write, or why, but anyway, I’ll start a session of online writing in half an hour.


OK; I cancelled the link.

Here’s a quick overview of what happened.
I decided to tackle an open call for a short story themed “Temporally Deactivated”.
I started at 9.10 pm or thereabouts, and I stopped at 11.35, more or less.

I decided to do it like “a rookie’s first day on the beat”, and sort of winged it.
I knew the general direction I wanted it to go, but I found out my POV character was a woman only on the last paragraph.
It’s part of the fun of this free writing thing.
I had a few bad spells and I went down at least one dead end, but I was able to put 3000 words in the bag, with a proper beginning, middle and end.
Now I will let the first draft rest for a while, and then go through a second draft.
Then I’ll mail it to the editor, and see if they bite.

Thank you to the readers that were there to see what I was doing.
I hope my writing was not too ugly.
Remember, it’s all right to write a rubbish first draft if then you are able to edit it beautifully. That will be the real challenge.

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