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INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES... from Owen Thomas Fiction, La Connor Washington Edition: SEAPORT BOOKS

How long has it been since you supported your local independent bookstore or library? I don’t care what your answer is. However long it has been is much too long. We all need to get out there and show some love for those lonely foot soldiers in the fight against illiteracy, literary apathy, and the threat of complete assimilation by the American zero-attention-span-unless-it’s-a-video-zombie-culture that is taking an ever-greater hold of our society. If you live in or intend to visit La Connor Washington then here is a good place to start…


IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “Seaport Books is a small store with a big heart and a mighty purpose. We sell the best in new titles with a focus on the Pacific Northwest and offer a unique selection of regional art, confectionery, and gifts. In addition, we strive to be a community hub: a place to inspire conversation; a venue for enriching workshops and interesting events; and a vehicle for connection–much like a good book. Visit our website 24-7 for the latest events and bestsellers.”

WHERE TO FIND THEM: 106 S. First St., La Connor, WA


TWITTER: @seaportbooks


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