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Indie Author Day … and What I’m Not Doing

Today is Indie Author Day.  There’s an on-line Indie Fringe Festival, and many authors are doing events at their local libraries.  I had great intentions of doing just that.

And then I looked at the calendar.

I am doing CampbellCon on October 21, and Modesto ComicCon October 27-29.  I had a wedding reception last weekend.  This is, quite literally, my one “free” weekend all month, and I need to do things like buy groceries and have the oil changed in my car.  So, doing a library event went out the window.  (Which reminds me, I have books to return as I make my rounds.)


That’s okay, though. What I am doing is working on a new story, Ghosts of Whitehaven, for the forthcoming collection.  I got a bit of a start on it yesterday, and hope to finish it up today.

What can you do for Indie Author Day?  Buy a book from one of us (you’ll find mine here).  Write a review and post it to your favorite site or your blog.

And, of course, please know that you are appreciated by this proud indie author.

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