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No longer is it still kosher to have the CreateSpace, IngramSpark, or BookBaby imprint on your book or eBook. Self-published authors need their own imprint. Having your own imprint can eliminate reader rejection due to imprint mass offerings of hundreds of questionable titles from novice authors. Having your own imprint creates a reader’s perception of distinction and generates literary community acceptance. Imprints are generated along with your ISBN numbers by Bowker in the U.S.

What is an Imprint?

An imprint is a recognized literary collection. An imprint may have one book or thousands in its collection. Authors with a single imprint for only their works stand out in a way that is similar to having a large publishing house imprint your book. When listed on Amazon, your imprint is included in the “Product Details” section for the book as the book Publisher. (See attached image.) In lieu of having Penguin Random House or some other major publisher, your own personal imprint is preferred over any of the self-publisher companies.

What you need to know!

Bowker will accept your direct, personalized registration and create your own manageable brand. There is no cost to create an account. However, you are required to purchase at least one ISBN. Bowker will generate your own imprint from CreateSpace if you select “Custom” from your ISBN options during your book set up on their site. The cost is $99. Buying a single ISBN from Bowker can seem expensive ($125-US) when you consider you need (usually) three for each version of your book. Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook versions; each require a unique ISBN. Bowker will sell you a pack of ten at a discount price, however, you may only want to publish just one version of one book at a time.

Free and even some paid (discount) ISBNs are always published under the seller’s imprint. (I.e.: CreateSpace, BookBaby, etc.)

How You Manage It

INSONA Author Alliance Network offers members free guidance on how to create and use your own personal imprint.

Amazon Example

Basic membership in INSONA is free for life for all self-published authors. For answers to your questions, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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