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Interview with YA Fantasy Author Diana Rose

   It is a pleasure to welcome Young Adult Fantasy Author, Diana Rose, to my blog. I originally connected with Diana through social media and our mutual love of romance and fantasy made us fast friends. 

   Diana is the future author of Forbidden Love and other romantic titles for Whippoorwill Press. I'm looking forward to reading all of her stories one day soon!

 Thank you Diana, for joining us on Passion Between the Pages!

    You write about true love and how to find it.  In a world where true love is, too often, not at the forefront of people’s minds and hearts, what inspires you and what inspires your romantic stories?

  When I began writing Book 1: Forbidden Love, I knew that it would be a romance fantasy novel right then. My inspiration for writing romance came from the most unexpected place, I think. It came from my grandparents. My maternal grandparents had a very interesting love story that I fell in love with. I wanted to express that kind of love in my books. I believe that this is the reason why I myself believe so strongly in the existence of true love. My grandparents lived together for 63 years and would have celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary if they were still alive.

I do also, read a lot of romantic novels and watch different romantic movies which also help to inspire me but the biggest inspiration, I still think was the story of the love my grandparents shared. I hope that one day I will find this kind of love for myself. Also, many fairytales of princesses, and brave princes fueled my idea that true love exists. “A true love’s kiss is the most powerful magic in the world.” I grew up to believe that this is true.

    What is a typical writing day like for you? 

A typical writing day, for me usually begins after I get a big cup of fruit flavored tea and some food. I watch a romantic based movie and then I am off to write. I usually try to write as much as I can before I get stuck. I like writing after breakfast and in the evenings late into the night.

Tell us about your writing style and process. Are you a plotter? A "panster?" Do you do a lot of research before you begin writing your stories? 

I usually like to have an idea in my head of what I want to write about but I don’t like to plan. Maybe I’m a “plotter” more than a “panster” as I can easily figure out the main idea but it takes me longer to figure out the details and especially character names. However, in relation to Book 1: Forbidden Love and Book 2: Sacrificed Love, I think details were easier in Book 1.

Research? I don’t think that I have done much research for this series other than listening to my grandparents tell me their love story. I think that all I wanted to do for the Power of Love Series that started with Book 1: Forbidden Love was retell a story I knew by heart and tell the story in such a way that it did not sound like a biography. I choose fantasy, magic, royalty because those are also things that I enjoyed when I was little.

   I’ve heard great things about your upcoming debut novel!  What is this story about and what inspired your characters and premise?

The first book in my Power of Love Series, Book 1: Forbidden Love is about Princess Amy from the Moon Kingdom and Prince Darien who is from the Earth Kingdom. They fall in love with each other and Princess Amy’s mother, Queen Alyona is against them being together so she attempts to separate them. But Prince Darien goes out to find her. The story is about how, despite all the obstacles Princess Amy and Prince Darien faced throughout their lives, they still manage to find a way to be together. This book shows that true love can conquer all evil no matter what that evil is.

The inspiration for Amy and Darien came from my grandparents’ story essentially. It amazed me how two people can love each other so much no matter what is going on in their life. In a world that was just coming out of WWII, my grandparents managed to find love and have a wonderful family. That was probably what sparked the idea for this book and series. I wanted to let people see that “Darien” can exist in real life. My grandfather’s care and love for his wife and children and grandchildren was so beautiful that I truly believed that I was living among the most real Prince Charming as I grew up. I believe that my grandparents deserve the attention and respect of the people in today’s world.

My first ever editor, Professor Susan Ednie at Kingsborough Community College used to joke a little. She used to ask me, “How old is our Darien now?” Of course, she meant my grandfather and I always smiled at that question. I think that the Darien I write about in my book is a true novel-made version of who my grandfather was. Amy is made up of two women, my grandmother and my great-grandmother on my mother’s side.

    You write stories for young adults which is something I, as an author, have yet to attempt. What are the challenges that come with writing for this age group in today’s world, and what do you find most rewarding about doing it?

Hmm….I would say that the first challenge in writing for Young Adults is that my chapters have to be smaller. I write 20-30 page chapters at a time so when I wanted to submit this book to a publishing company I had to divide the chapters into five to six pages long.

The most rewarding aspect of writing for young adults is that I believe that I can make a positive change for today’s children by showing them that even though a boy is young he can still perform heroic acts and protect the people around him and that girls will appreciate it. Chivalry and romance and the expression of feelings to the one you love is still as real as having a wedding to celebrate the union of two hearts. Of course, I write about royals, but some things are always present and exist even in today’s world. I want today’s children and teens to have hope that somewhere out there is someone who will love them forever and never betray you. After all, every fairytale starts with hope and it is that hope that helps us to move on in life and believe that better things are possible.


What do you enjoy most about writing?  What do you hope to achieve in your career as an author?

My favorite part about writing is that I can express my ideas in a way that shows truth about life in a whole new way. I can write books that people can relate to and see their lives reflected in my stories. Having a talent to create stories, books, and characters that are realistic is my favorite part of writing. Yes, I did fall in love with Darien and I still am in love with him because he represents what I want to find.

My career as an author is something that I keep thinking about. The most important thing that I want to achieve is giving people hope and making people believe that true love is possible and it can be found not only in a book but outside in our daily lives. I want to keep writing and finding new ideas that center around the idea of true love. I have been saying for a long time that I want to see my name in lights. But what does that mean? I think it means that I want to have as many people as possible read my books and see that I don’t just write books, I put my heart, my soul and all my emotions into my writing. I want people to ask each other, “Have you read the new Diana Rose novel?” Ha ha, yes, that would be the best thing in the world, to be one of the great authors of our time!

I’ve heard many people make the suggestion that pre-published authors should begin to build a web presence as early in the process as possible, so that once their debut novel is released a digital platform has already been established. You’ve done this better than any anyone I know! What advice do you have for pre-published authors regarding marketing and social media?

Wow, I’m flattered that you would say this, Jessica. You asking me for advice makes me feel like I’ve done something right, and here I was thinking that I was not doing this marketing thing the correct way. But…really, is there ever a "correct way?"

I think my advice to pre-published authors who want to build a platform that they can “stand on” is keep your marketing “voice” the same as in your book. Your personal style for writing things and expressing ideas should be your own. Do not copy anyone unless they are doing something that you think is important. Be yourself.

For example, my style is to write “I thank you all for your infinite support” at the end of my posts on my blog and author page. But that is my way of writing and it might not be yours.

Also, social media marketing always needs something new every day. If you can put out quality work every day, great, but if it takes you more time to work on something worth showing then don’t feel pressured that you did not do a post yesterday. Today, you do two or three. I believe that quality matters. You want your future readers to see you at your best. Just like you would not publish a book without editing it, you don’t want to put out something in social media that everyone will see and isn’t your best work.

Pre-published authors, make an author page, blog!! It’s your way to show agents and publishers that you are not in some dark corner and that people actually know who you are. Be consistent and if you write on social media that you are going to do something on this day, do it. People expect things and they get disappointed if you don’t give them what they are waiting for. Really, even I still have a lot to learn about marketing at least I’m half way there. I know things may seem impossible but you need to try. Try to do something if you don’t try, you will never succeed.

   What kinds of books do you most enjoy reading?  Do you read mainly YA Fantasy or do you enjoy a variety of genres?

I read romances and some are YA and some are not. It depends on if I like the author or what the book is about. I read romance and romance is a large genre in and of itself. The books I would never read are thriller, mystery, crime. Those would give me nightmares.

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Yes, I’m a romantic at heart. When I’m not writing my books, I like to read romance to see what others write. I like to talk to my friends who may also give me ideas. I watch Once Upon A Time which has all the fairytales set in a modern day setting - my guilty pleasure. I like helping my friends and I always try to give good advice.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Diana!  You can visit Diana online at the following links:

Facebook Author Group:

The Magic of True Love Blog:



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