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What are you thinking?

We have entered Stage four Lockdown in South Africa. This means that certain industries can reopen while others must remain at home or move their office to home. This is a challenging time that causes us to rethink our manner of business.  

When this year began, no one had foreseen this. The global impact of Covid-19 had changed our doing.

Since I am at home, the loss of travel did not affect me as much as fellow citizens. I had lots of time to concentrate on my book’s ending. Since it is an inspirational drama, I really had to pray and meditate about the story and the message.

Stories can challenge people’s ways as we pioneer through a plot and your life lessons become part of the result. Though it is fictional characters, the life lessons for each differs from the next. In the lessons, we convey a truth a reader would have missed, and we plant a seed of change.

I am a supporter of not preaching but showing what a choice, for instance, can do. No matter the genre I write in, there are always truths hidden in my books.

With Love at war it is more prominent. I really felt this is the way to tell this important story. It touches quite a few topics, from violence against women, choices, abortion, obedience, infidelity, and faith.

Elevator pitch:"Whisked away to picturesque Valetta, two people bonded. A nurse's faith and a colonel's obedience tested. A plot of survival as a cheating wife, determined warlord, and serial rapist turns out to be life-threatening in a harsh world of self-gratification."

We have no excuses for not having time to think or read. This is the best time to do both and grow.

I have changed my thinking from lockdown to #Incubation. I grow and develop at this time because this season will end. When it does, we should be ready to take life by the balls and live it. Why? Because we have learned the how. Our effectivity will grow exponentially if we have capitalised on the time handed to us.

Measured in seconds, time's algorithm captures infinity within each movement. Worlds change and the fragments become relics. Fashioning a new set of rules to profit from your only choice.

 Love at War by Lynelle Clark. 


When not writing and learning I did all my preparations for emails and posts, reached out, and connected when possible. We underestimate the power of connection. When we connect we listen with the heart. For a writer, this is important because it is the key source of ideas for a story or poem.

I also took the time to invest in the workshop.

Think like a Life Coach Workshop is about the how.

From a Life Coach position a writer coach characters towards the solution. A coach asks essential questions until the character reaches the conclusion. This process creates tension, stamina, good supporting characters, and the result. Either sad or good, it creates a feeling of accomplishment.

The attached PowerPoint will give you all the information you need. I truly hope I will see you on 2 June 2020. If you cannot make it let me know and I will provide the link afterward.   

Other services I offer:

Ø  Translations – Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans. The price depends on the project.

Ø  School speeches – R250 per piece (With current exchange rate it is $13.25)

Ø  Critique reading – R15 per page

Ø  Page layout – R150

Ø  Upload of books on different platforms – R50 per platform

Ø  Ghostwriting. The price depends on the project.

Ø  Creating a CV – R50

Ø  Help with University and College assignments – R750

Ø  Marketing Blog posts R50

Ø  Book reviews are free. I post all reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, Library Thing and Pinterest, or if you provide a different link. I can post it on there. It is best to make an appointment.

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