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Is happiness a choice?

The simple answer to this? Yes. Every single one of us has gone through things that hurt. Some of those things impact our overall mental health. Some of those things just leave a few lacerations that eventually heal.

Since my last post, I have been working diligently to overcome some of the insecurities I have. It isn’t easy. It is an excruciating process. However, I believe that a choice has to be made to be happy; to pursue it willfully. This choice isn’t always easy to make. Why? People and past hurts.

All of us have demons. Some of them walk out of the closet, stand before us, and are unapologetic in their approach. Some of those demons are triggered by events during the day. Either way, stopping and thinking about how we will react isn’t always easy. Humans are very easily conditioned. Our responses come from years of associative learning. If we have spent years dealing with abuse, our responses will reflect this. If we have been treated fairly, the responses will reflect such treatment. With that said, there are many mental health disorders that are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Those mental disorders can amplify perceived gestures from others. However, keep in mind that trauma chemically changes everything in the brain.

So what can you do to embrace your choice of happiness? A little magic always helps. Each practitioner has a different way of doing things. I don’t typically follow books. I look into my heart and listen. To help me clear out the pain of the last 20+ years, I was directed to do a releasing ritual. That included burning a white candle to call in positive energy, love, self-forgiveness, and light. I burned lavender incense to call in peace, calm rest, and relaxation. I burned dragon’s blood to amplify the intent of the prayers. I did this for three days, morning and evening. Do I feel better? Somewhat. Nonetheless, it is a daily task to hold myself accountable for my own destiny, and with that, my own happiness. Happiness is a choice. Despite the pain all of us have gone through, there is a light that we can see if we focus long enough. Once we see even a sliver of that light, we have to make the decision to walk toward it. It’s the sun shining down through the darkness of pain, suffering, abuse, and anger. Let the sun heal you. Let the possibilities that lay before you give you the hope you deserve!

Love and light to all of you. Have a great week!

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