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Is Infidelity A Private Matter?

There are plenty of people who believe what happens inside their home is private. It’s their home, their rules. Aside from abuse and harm, that’s generally understood. But what happens when the privacy factor is unknowingly opened up to another, such as a paramour? This particular guest is now sitting on the reading chair, drinking special occasion wine, using the newly renovated bathroom and getting snuggly under the sheets.

Neighborhood Watch is bound to speculate. Not to mention other possible dropped hints of an interloper: unknown clothing, lipstick on a glass, unfamiliar cologne, misplaced jewelry, and used condoms. It may seem ridiculous and short-sighted for someone to invite a lover into the home they share with their husband/wife/kids, but it happens. It happens a lot.

The sacred inner sanctum has been adulterated–in more ways than one.

An affair, by its very nature, implies secrecy. As much as those entangled with infidelity try to keep it under wraps, something is bound to give. In reality, paramours need to get from point A to point B somehow to indulge their desires and that usually means being out in public. Even under the cover of night: You never know who’s watching. How many movies have we seen where an adulterous canoodling couple has been discovered in (what was hoped to be) some far off nook/bar/restaurant? It’s a fairly common theme in real life as well, much to the dismay of those in the throes of flagrante delicto. And, people will talk. People will question, prod, construe/misconstrue and surmise. It’s what we do when certain pieces of the puzzle don’t fit.

These are fairly obvious examples of infidelity not exactly being a private matter. So, what about the less obvious?

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