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Is The Train Wreck President About To Come Off The Rails?

At CNN he’s known as Jim Acosta, a reporter of impeccable credentials of many years standing. Trump christened him a ‘rude, terrible person and that CNN should be ashamed to employ him’ blah de blah. ’ This, by the way, is all a bit rich when you think of the shame that millions of Americans now feel at having a total asshole leading the Western World. Of course as we all know the Donald has no idea of how to even spell irony, therefore his choice of words is totally lost on such a fool. As for my part, I have just re-named Jim, Jim Accosted as that’s what he certainly was during Wednesday infamous White House press conference when he was trying to simply do his job. The White House of course quickly asserted that it will not tolerate the laying of hands upon any of its interns unless of course their name begins with Monica? Maybe it’s simply become more fashionable nowadays for a President to try and screw a member of the press rather than one of his own staff?
But fat Donald you see has long be able to hear the train of indictment rolling down the track, but all of a sudden he can now see the bright shining light on the lead engine in full view,. The train is being driven by Robert Mueller whose smile is wider than the Mexican border. Trump is shackled to the rail track and has no chance of avoiding what’s gonna be an ugly collision in which he’s gonna lose a lot of limbs, and possibly most of his hair. The Democrats may have lost the Presidential election, but with their control of the House of Representatives secured after the mid-term elections, they’ve suddenly got Trump by the Kentucky Frieds with no intention of letting go. And although the White House may have removed Jim Acosta’s press credentials the Democrats are about to remove Trump’s testicles . In the not too distant future, Congressional hearings into Trump and his dark associations are going to come thicker and faster than a White House sacking. It’s the beginning of the end for this train wreck presidency.
Perhaps things wouldn’t be so bad for Trump if everything he said he would do hadn’t turned to peanut butter and jelly. The swamp hasn’t been drained, he hasn’t made America great again, He hasn’t united the country, he’s destroyed Obamacare and replaced it with …nothing, he hasn’t re-opened the mines, and he hasn’t protected American citizens being blown to bits by other American citizens. I could go on but you get my drift.
American voters were hoodwinked into voting into their country’s highest office, a corrupt, failed businessman bully. A snake-oil salesman who mocks the disabled, his opponents, migrants , women climate change, and whatever you’re having yourself. What’s also worrying are the amount of people, usually the routinely under educated who spend twenty three hours per day purveying social media and the internet in their frantic attempts to become offended, who seriously think that Acosta assaulted the young female intern who accosted him for the microphone. I know where I would have liked to stick that implement.
So on we go until the next embarrassment, and as they come along with more regularity that the New York underground we won’t have a long wait. God bless America, but for some reason he obviously isn’t  listening?


9th November 2018.

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The Inspiring Muse Award – Nov 2018