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Is your friend your rival indeed?

Snakes come in the garden of flowers just like you might find enemies in your friend's circle. You would not imagine that someone who supported you and gives you compliments is an envious person in fact.

Real friends are not perfect. They will tell you when you pick the wrong clothes when you got fat when you made the wrong choice of boyfriend. They will tease you and disagree with you from time to time.

Fake friends will nod on every your statement, try to copy you or give too much flattering, but on the first sight of trouble they will ignore you and you can't count of them.

How to expose a fake friend in your circle?

It is not an easy task. I was discovering my fake friends years by years, but in the end, masks always fall.

Here are some examples of how I learned who was holding a knife in my back:

They want the same things you wish. They will do everything to kick you out from this race and eliminate you as a competitor.

They don't clap at your success. 
They will warn you on the negative side, always when you declare some good news.

They are not here when you need them.

They want to take money from you, for the sake of "friendship."

The end of a simulated friendship is always sad. You thought that you have a precious person, but it was only a snake dressed like an angel. Nobody is perfect, but a fake friend will never admit his mistakes, he will blame you for the break-up and he will not even give a little attempt to fix things.

Fake friends have a big ego. They will consider themselves as someone who never apologizes because it is against their nature. Even they knew they did the wrong thing, they will still be silent.

A number of little conflicts with a real friend are better than praise from a fake friend. A friend who cares will yell at you, but he will show his concern. A friend who is here only because he takes advantage of you doesn't care about your problems. He is like a sun, shining while is nice weather, and hidden when the storm is coming. 
Original author: Kristina Gallo
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