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Justice Burning: April Erwin


Justice Burning is a Christian based romantic suspense about an arsonist in a small town. Not to heavy on romance, the story is more about the search for a local fire-bug than it is the love story between two wounded hearts that are reluctant to try again. I found the dialog between the main characters realistic, in the sense of two people that just meet and are getting to know each other while struggling with a strong, albeit unwanted attraction.   I felt that the romantic subplot was pretty muted, so this is definitely more of a suspense read than a romance. While the romance was very realistic, it didn't stand out in the book in my opinion. 

The investigation into a string of fires that get bigger and bigger over the course of the book takes the lead here. We have a fire investigator recovering from the loss of his wife years before, leaning on his family and his work to make it day to day. Then you have the sweet counselor, new in town and helping not only kids in the local junior high, but dealing with her own issues as well as assisting in figuring out who is setting these fires.  It was well written and true to life.  Real emotions were explored with a realism that drew me into the hearts of these two characters.

I figured out the ending early on in the book, so when it came down to who was actually doing it, it came as no surprise to me.  Having said that, it doesn't mean much because I've been told that I figure out the ending to most movies and books I read, so it's actually pretty hard to surprise me. 

The only issue that I had with this story was the mental illness aspect. I can't say much without giving away spoilers, but I felt that it could have been explored more in depth and the character could have been more realistic. However, don't let that stop you from picking this book up. I enjoyed reading it,  and this isn't the first book by this author I've read and I will be reading more from her in the future.  

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Four Stars! 



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