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Keith Dixon writes Paul Storey Crime Thrillers

Keith Dixon, author of the Sam Dyke Investigations series, also writes the Paul Storey Crime Thrillers.

Paul Storey is an ex-cop that gets mixed up in adventures that cross the line between the legal and illegal.


Storey, the first book in the series, introduces us to Storey and his involvement in a scam to sell smuggled antiquities from Syria. It all gets complicated when a Syrian who wants the return of one of the stolen antiquities shows up … and he’s not inclined to take prisoners …



In One Punch, the second book in the series, Storey is offered a job by Bran Doyle, a retired boxer with a colourful background. Storey takes the job but soon finds himself involved in more than driving. There’s a murder, a conspiracy, another murder, and more trouble after that.



In The Song of Geneva Chance, the third book in the series, we learn that Paul Storey likes the idea of being a private detective, especially when his first case is about finding two missing guitars belonging to a pop group who were big fifteen years ago. But he quickly learns the case isn’t really about a petty theft when there’s a murder, large-scale drug smuggling, and a pair of Albanian crooks looking to expand their operations. And, there is the mysterious singer Geneva Chance, who has secrets of her own.


You can find the Paul StoreyThrillers and read all about Keith at  Keith Dixon Novels.

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