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kid’s books: amazing

Do you love kid’s books where the characters make a difference? What if one of your  fourth-grade classmates had a serious disease? What would you do to help? Owen Guertin of Carondelet Catholic School in Minneapolis, Minnesota had a disease which required complex surgery. Owen’s blood vessels in his brain were tangled. When he left school to start preparing for the surgery, his friends missed him. What could they do to help? One thing they did was to save Owen’s seat in the classroom. Who sat there? Owen’s favorite teddy bear, wearing a school uniform. Wasn’t that sweet? Still one of the students said, “Nothing was the same without Owen.”

One day the teacher, Ms. Rafferty, read a story about a young lady who had Leukemia. Her friends wanted to help her heal so they made a thousand paper cranes, hoping they would help her heal. The children in Owen’s class wondered, why can’t we do that for Owen? Ms. Rafferty loved the idea. Soon the Owen’s classmates were making paper cranes during the lunchtime and recess. Ms. Rafferty said even though the children weren’t learning the usual academic subjects, “they were learning compassion.”

“I just knew the more we made the more Owen would heal, I didn’t want to stop because I wanted him to get better,” 4th grader Adie Scheel told KARE11.

By the time Owen was in recovery from a successful 17-hour surgery, room 101 was adorned with a “crane-bow”: hundreds of tiny origami birds hanging from the ceiling in big rainbow bunches. During his recovery, an orange crane sat near Owen’s bed.

When the boy returned to the classroom on Valentine’s Day, he was welcomed back with an emotional greeting.  Naturally, everyone was overjoyed for Owen. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone in Owen’s class wrote kid’s books about their experience? They learned so much about helping others and friendship.

If you love stories about friendship, caring and teamwork, you’d likely enjoy Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, or Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. Both of these cute, easy-to-read kid’s books feature adorable animals who work together to help their friends.

for more on Owen’s story, please follow this link:

copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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