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Kid’s books: bullies

These days bullying is all too common in schools.  Little eight-year-old Sophia Spencer knows about bullying because she loves bugs. Sophia likes walking around school with one of her bug friends on her shoulder. But her classmates didn’t understand the attraction to bugs. If I knew Sophia, I’d have suggested some kid’s books dealing with bullying, such as my book, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog.

“The youngster had been teased for how much she loved bugs.” When she played with grasshoppers, the other second graders at her elementary school called her “weird.”

Sophia’s Mom, Nicole, became concerned about the bullying at school. What could she do to help? Nicole sent a letter to the Entomological Society of Canada last year asking for encouragement.

“She has asked me for over a year if this is a job she can do one day, exploring and learning more about bugs and insects. I have told her that of course, she could; however, I am at a loss on how to continue to encourage her.”

“I was wondering if a professional entomologist would speak to her over the phone to encourage her love and explain to her how she could make this into a career. I am constantly looking for articles and information on the species and how to recognize them, but find the lack of answers to her questions unhelpful.” In addition, Nicole asked for experts interested in bugs to contact Sophia and encourage her to follow her dreams.

Guess what happened next? Nicole was thrilled with the results.

“The society then tweeted the letter to their followers asking for help and support – and the response was overwhelming.

Hundreds of entomologists – female and otherwise – flooded the society’s inbox with kind words and offers of assistance under the hashtag #BugsR4Girls.

One entomologist told Sophia that she was free to visit their lab anytime. Another scientist offered to send her any nets, papers, supplies, and books she might want to pursue her insect interest. Another offered to show Sophia her bug collection.”

I imagine Sophia is one happy little girl, who is thrilled to talk with people who share her passion for insects. Whatever you love, pursue your dreams. It’s the only way you’ll reach your goals. If you love writing kid’s books, do that. No matter what you love, you should follow your dreams, even if others try to discourage you.

for more on Sophia’s story, please follow this link:


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