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kid’s books; intuition

Maybe you’ve read a kid’s book and you had an intuition that a certain thing would happen. Do you have those intuitions about other things? Malyk Bonnet had an intuition and he was right.  While finishing his shift as a cook in Canada, a man and woman approached him. The man said he needed money for bus fare to a town about 25 miles away. Sensing something was wrong, Malyk said he was going there as well. He gave the man the money for the trip. Soon afterwards, he pretended he was going to the restroom, but instead, he contacted the police. Malyk did such a good job pretending he was a bystander, that when the police came by to arrest the man for kidnapping, he had no idea what Malyk had done.

“(The woman) looked at me, and she was almost crying, and I said to myself, ‘I did good,’” Bonnet told CBC News.

“He did more than good, according to Laval Police Lieutenant Daniel Guérin, who told CBC that in 24 years of policing, he’s never seen anything quite like what Bonnet did.”

It turned out that the police had been searching for the woman, who had been kidnapped by a former boyfriend a few hours before. But Malyk had no knowledge of this. Only his intuition guided him. Wasn’t he an incredibly brave young man?  The local police were so impressed with his deeds and his wisdom, they raised $255. to repay him for his expenses. Now, many people want to have their pictures taken with Malyk.

In the third of my kid’s books, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, Hattie the chicken thought all of her animal friends were her heroes because they found creative solutions to solve problems. In fact, the animal characters started their own business in order to help others. They also found ways to raise money for charity. If you enjoy kid’s books starring humorous animals, you’ll likely have fun reading this story.

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