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kid’s books: pioneer

What would you do if you were the first ever to do something? Would you feel like a pioneer? Maybe Mikayla Holmgren feels that way because she’s the first young lady to have Down’s syndrome and compete for Miss America. Isn’t that remarkable? Perhaps Mikayla will write good kid’s books to explain her experience.

Mikayla won two awards during the pageant. One was The Spirit of the USA award, while the other is the Director’s Award. She received a standing ovation when her name was announced. What does Mikayla think?

“”I’m just really excited, it’s out in the world and people are going to know about this,” Holmgren said in April. “I want to do this, on my own and I’m really, really proud of myself.”

Mikayla began dancing when she was six years old. She worked hard to convince her mom to let her try. Look what she’s done since that day. Along with the pageant awards, Mikayla won The Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing Award.

Here is what Mikayla says about her future;

“I hope to continue dancing. I want to teach art to young children. And would love to model. I want to live independently and continue to be an advocate for inclusion. I want to be a light shining for acceptance.”

Like Mikayla, I had obstacles to overcome and big dreams as well. While Mikayla wanted to become a model and pageant contest, I wanted to become a champion horseback rider, although my parents were told by a doctor, I wouldn’t be able to walk. Fortunately, my dad didn’t accept that. He and I set out to prove the doctor wrong. Just like Mikayla, I love children. That’s why I write kid’s books in hopes of inspiring children to reach for the stars. If you’d like an inspiring true story, check out the newest of my kid’s books, My Life at Sweetbrier. I’d love to know what you think if you read it.

For more about Mikayla’s story, follow this link:

copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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