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Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke

This book had me hooked from the jump! Amazing writing and the story line is to die for. A group of friends out on a hike traverse the wrong land and end up in the clutches of a deranged family hell-bent on cleansing the world of outsiders and sin. One escapes and makes it to the road where a father and son against their better judgement pick her up and take her to the local doctor to be patched up. The doctor is a kind older man who runs a small clinic out of his home. He fixes her up as best he can but tells them she really needs to go to the hospital. They don’t want involved anymore than they already are so they go home. Meanwhile the family has figured out that the girl has escaped and in doing so has killed one of their own. Now the search is on. The crazy family set off to find the girl after one of the boys followed her far enough to find out who picked her up. The father and son make it home and after a short while the father sends the boy to the doctors with instructions to take her to the hospital in the city away from the town where she can get the help she needs and will be safe. While the boy is doing that the family arrives at the farm-house to pay them a visit. What happens next I won’t tell you because you really just need to read the book.

There will be blood ahead and loads of tears. Twists and turns you won’t expect abound. Does she make it home? Does the family get away with the killing? Do they get caught? This book has it all thrills, chills, blood, guts and gore. I can’t recommend it enough!! Best advice read this book you won’t be sorry you did!

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