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Learn something new

bva-moocHere we go again.
As I usually do when the season changes, I went and enrolled in a number of online courses.
The reasons are the usual:

learning is more fun than watching the TV it’s a good way to have something to do that does not kill my brain cells there’s so much out there…

So I joined three courses

. one on podcasting, that will go to complement the two courses on the subject I have followed so far, in the hopes of launching something of mine sometime in the next months.

. one on digital wellbeing, that is on the way in which the digital age impacts our mental and physical health, that can have both practical uses and provide ideas for stories.

. a basic course in Mandarin Chinese – because it is wise to learn the language of the new masters, and after all, this is Karavansara, right?

Should you be interested in learning something new, online, for free, here you’ll find a huge list of university-level free courses, in a variety of languages and on a variety of subjects.
And then there is the equally huge list of online courses and MOOCs provided by Open Culture.


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